What a fun whirlwind two days at High Point Market in North Carolina. I spent less than 48 hours there showing off new COCOCOZY products to buyers, press and designers!  Best of friend AM came with me...she is working on a "project" that I can tell you about it was good for her to shop around the trade show to see what is out there.

High Point Market is a huge furniture and home furnishings trade show I think in the states with 180 buildings, over 2000 exhibitors and  75,000 attendees.  All of this happens in a very small town in North Carolina.  Market continues through Thursday of this week.

Anyhooo...I was there to launch the new COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs collection.Was so thrilled to check out 9 of my new rugs in the Capel showroom at High Point.  The new rugs are being added to the existing 24 rugs in the COCOCOZY Rug Collection.   The folks at Capel (Cameron) and the Rivers Agency set up a photo shoot to get pictures of me with the new rugs.  Was nervous at first to be photographed and I was a little awkward at first but it turned out to be fun and we got some great shots.

At market, it was also fun because I was able to speak with lots of lovely designers and store buyers about my collection.  I enjoy being at market talking to potential and existing customers.  So much fun to hear stories from everyone about working in the design business.   Ron Bristow, the Capel showroom manager did a beautiful job of setting up the COCOCOZY display area.  It is so fun to see my designs larger than life...all set up in a formal pretty display!

COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs - NEW COCOCOZY RUGS (below)

During the photo shoot, I walked up and down my new rugs to get action shots.  This rug is in gray and it is named Ring. (above)

New COCOCOZY Lyrical rug in cornflower blue. (above)


Then I went off to visit the Mirth Studio booth to see my new collaboration!  I am working with Mirth Studio founder Sally Bennett on a new collection of painted wood floor tiles.

COCOCOZY for Mirth Studio - painted wood floor tile - brand new to market! (above and below)

More COCOCOZY wood floor tiles from Mirth Studio.
These painted wood floor tiles are the newest thing in flooring.  Sally just launched her full collection this market along with a few of my tiles and the market the market response has been wild!

Here's where you can see COCOCOZY product at High Point Market.

Capel Rug Showroom
Market Square, Space 112

COCOCOZY Painted Wood Floor Tiles
Mirth Studio Booth
Suites at Market Square - Made in America Pavillion (MIAP) - 1-747

If you are a store or designer and you want to order rugs or tiles, please feel free to contact us at COCOCOZY and we can send you to the right person.  Email address is!

So there you have it...rugs and wood floor tiles...I've got you covered in the area of floors!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Sorry that TW couldn't be at market!  Missed you!  Hope all is well!

P.P.S.  Was a blast hanging out with Cameron Capel and her family.  She is such a gracious hostess.  Fun dinner out with her and Capel President JM and Vice President JH.

P.P.P.S.  Also nice seeing Genevieve Gorder, Kevin O'Brien and the Hable sisters...they are all license partners of Capel Rugs as well, so our photo shoots and appearances all overlapped.  All so talented and their rugs look gorgeous!

P.P.P.P.S.  A super big thank you to super fantastic NY interior designer and blogger Nicole Gibbons, for stopping by and style spotting COCOCOZY Rugs!  Thank you Nicole!  Look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles next time

P.P.P.P.P.S.  For more photos of market, go to COCOCOZY Instagram and follow me there!


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