Two small apartments in Sweden for sale...two very different use of stripes in their very small kitchens.

I like a small kitchen with a feature wall.  If done right, can certainly add a nice design twist to a small space.

Here, one apartment kitchen has a bold colorful feature wall with horizontal multicolored stripes.  A no holds barred burst of color and pattern.

The other is an all white kitchen with a subtle gray and white striped wall paper on one wall behind cabinets.  A safe and subtle approach to decorating.

Which of these two kitchens do you prefer?  The bold or the demure?

Which one do you prefer?  In this case, I am going to go against my usual all white inclinations and say I like the first kitchen best!  Is that a design do or don't?  Hmmm....

Happy Monday!


P.S.  While most people were celebrating Easter with lovely brunches and dinners and Easter egg hunts, I put my dear sweet mother to work all weekend.  We spent the weekend doing inventory at the COCOCOZY headquarters in Beverly Hills.  Lots of COCOCOZY fabric to count...lots of COCOCOZY product to organize and we are still not done. Spring organizing on over drive!  Was fun hanging out with my mom.  She is hard working!  And mom is very goal oriented...when I wanted to take a break...she encouraged me to push she has done all of my life.  A good parent indeed...pushing me through the challenging times and encouraging me to do the right thing and to be a good person.  She is an amazing role model!  Had a nice lunch with sis DS and mom too (our one break).  Very different kind of Easter weekend but still had a very nice time with family.  Thank you mom.  Thank goodness for my dear family....they are the most important people in the world to me!

COCOCOZY Arch fabric by the yard in Sea Green - spent the weekend counting yardage with mom at COCOCOZY HQ! (above)

Photos: Stadshem


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