Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
Backyard Garden with a stone pathway and umbrellas
My garden. (above)

So...it has been 2 years since I gave my deck a makeover...2 years and now I'm itching to makeover things at my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills once again. Both indoors and outside. Let's start with the garden and the outside.

This is my garden.

Over the last few weeks, I've done some much needed construction and freshening up of the fences, paved areas, patio and deck...now it is time to think about a furniture and accessories update. Hmmm....

Best of friend AM, her nice hubby JE and their two adorable kiddies have been staying with me at my tiny little minuscule house. I literally scrubbed every piece of furniture and cushion outside on the deck myself to make sure it was nice and tidy for them. The kids have been playing outside in the yard, have been eating meals in my little outdoor dining room and AM and JE have enjoyed coffee on the deck too. It has been nice knowing that my outdoor garden is pleasant enough to really live outdoors! (I have been working like a kooky bird at work this week...coming home past midnight at times...so I have not been able to enjoy the time with them...all work and no play make Coco a tired girl!).

Anyhooooo...these are pictures I took of my garden last Saturday evening before the family arrived. My garden. Lots of plants, a patio with flagstone pavers and river rocks strewn about, a nice little bird fountain, lots of market umbrellas, big huge banana plants and flouts (I think that is what they are called)...and my dark purple impatiens and white impatiens.

Oh did I mention, I had the guys put in new outdoor lighting so at night everything is illuminated just right.

The outdoor decor has not changed at all since a blabbed about my outdoor deck makeover almost 2 years ago.

Need some new ideas. Need to incorporate COCOCOZY fabrics and pillows outside too. I'm letting my teak furniture go grey...I was oiling it up to keep it that brown boat teak color...but now I want it gray...it may take a season or 2 for it to get there...and then what...?

Backyard with umbrella, shrubbery, lanterns and potted plants

Deck with umbrella, wooden outdoor dining table and seating area with armchairs, bench and small ottoman style table
My deck that you've seen a million times has pretty much been the same since I gave it a makeover in summer 2010. (above)

China Mums in white and some other green florals on dining table in a mercury glass hurricane lamp
Some China Mums in white and some other green florals on my patio dining table in a mercury glass hurricane lamp that is doubling as a vase...I love a green and white flower arrangement for outdoors. (above)

Bird bath surrounded by small plants and stone path
My bird bath...note to self...add water so birds can bathe!  The birds get a nice view of the tree tops and the hills - not too shabby for a bird rest stop! You are welcome birds. (above)

dog in backyard under an umbrella
Dog Mr. Boo with a cone on his head from the vet standing in my (his) garden. (above)


What do you think...should I revamp the deck and take a more modern approach? I am going to change the colors and the textiles most definitely but should I replace the furniture with something a little more sleek? What should I edit out of my garden and what should I put in? Or should I put my energies elsewhere? I am so over cooked with work (my regular executive job), work 2 (COCOCOZY textile collection), work 3 (the blog)...taking on another project is a bit daunting and plus there is so much to do on the inside of the house. Breathe...calm...I'm stressing myself out...maybe I should just relax and enjoy and invite a few more friends over for champagne and call it day? Love to hear your thoughts. Are you doing some sprucing up this summer or do you plan to just kick up your heels and relax?

Do tell.

Happy Friday!


P.S. I recognize that this "dilemma" is a total #firstworldproblem!  I know people have bigger worries than whether to makeover their garden...so if you chose to just look at the pictures and enjoy, and don't want to read about why I am going back and forth over this and that seeming nonsense...I totally understand.  :-)

Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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