Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY's sister DS!
arch way in Morocco

Mom and sis DS just got back from Morocco today.  They are now in Paris.  Oh such is the life. Right?

Anyhooo...ever since my older sister DS has been with iPhone (for the last 3 years), she has transformed from a girl who never took one picture in her life into woman who is acting like an amateur photojournalist of sorts.  Her real job has nothing to do with photography...DS is a partner at a law firm...but I've got to give it to Steve Jobs and those peeps at Apple...through the iPhone, they managed to take her from passive observer to active photographer when she is traveling!

Thankfully DS has started to snap photos because even though I haven't taken a real vacation in a few years due to the launching of the COCOCOZY home furnishing collection, I've gotten to see some pretty interesting places through the lens of DS's iPhone!

Just earlier this week, sis DS and Mom were in Chefchaouen or Chaouen Morocco...a city in the northwest of the country that is all awash in blue.  The city was founded as a Moorish fort in the 1400s.  Today its blue walls, buildings and houses make it a mecca for tourists.

Anyhooo...thanks to are some views of a blue city in Morocco...Chefchaouen!

indigo blue archway in Morocco

building with the lower half of the wall indigo blue, the upper half cream with blue doors in Morocco

building with blue walls and door in Morocco

blue and white buildings in a city square in Morocco. One of the building has beautiful tiling.
I love the stonework on the ground in this city square! (above)

What do you think of sis DS's photography and this blue Moroccan city?  Are you traveling any place fantastic this summer?

Happy Friday!


All photos in this post from my sis DS on iPhone


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