metal and glass console tabl
Casamidy - Molecular Console Table - $1950 (metal and glass console table) Casamidy crush continues...this time in the form of a collection of tables.

You might ask..."Coco...what in the world is a Casamidy crush?".  Appalled, I would reply in a rather snooty tone, "You don't know. How could you NOT know what a Casamidy Crush is...oh my?"  And then, you would probably think, "What is wrong with Coco?  Why is she talking with that funny affected lock jaw accent and clenching her teeth while she talks.  Bizarre."

Anyhoooo....simply put a Casamidy crush is a crush one might have on everything made by the Mexico based furniture design company, Casamidy, that is run by Ann Marie Midy and Jorge Almada..

Today, I bring you their latest - the Molecular Table series.  The tables have metal bases and glass tops.  The metal is an intricate design...almost maze like...based on a German scientific model of a molecule!  So smart...literally and figuratively speaking!

Molecular Coffee Table with gold leaf finish on a checkerboard tile floor in front of a purple sofa with purple and yellow accent pillows
The Molecular coffee table with a gold leaf finish on a cover patio. (above)

Molecular Coffee Table with silver leaf finish
The Molecular Coffee Table with silver leaf finish - $1450 (above)

Molecular Coffee Table with gold leaf finish in front of a black sofa

molecule model
Jorge sent me this image of the German science molecule model that the tables' design was inspired by. (above)
The tables come in nickel plate, gold leaf, silver leaf and lacquer over metal finishes.  There is also a side table with a square glass top.

I love them.  I think they would work well in a traditional home juxtaposed against some classic furniture pieces as well as in an ultra modern space. A great new take on design.  Well done...again...Jorge and Ann-Marie!

What do you think about this smart table?  Could you use a statement piece like this in your home? If so, where...if not, let us know why?

Happy Thursday!



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