Blue and white toile de Nantes wallpaper in a small powder room with pedestal sink and granite counter top and tall mirror with wooden frame
Pierre Frey Toile de Nantes ikat wallpaper in shades of blue cover the walls of a small powder room in a Los Angeles  home. (above)

Was so thrilled when House Beautiful magazine approached me about doing an exclusive preview of one of their stories for the November 2012 issue.

The story is a feature on the Los Angeles hillside home of celebrity chef Alex Hitz.  Now truth be told, I had never heard of Alex Hitz before House Beautiful sent me these photos but did a little research to find out that Alex is a big t.v. chef with a product line on one of those huge home shopping networks.

Apparently Alex decorated his home himself and he jokingly calls his style "Continental Mongrel".  In the article he gives tips on entertaining and hosting parties.  Apparently, Alex hosts dinner parties for over 900 guests at his home every year!  Wow.

I liked the private quarters of the home. Behind the scenes...behind closed doors...probably most of Alex's 900 guests do not get to see these rooms. The bedrooms and powder room in particular are of intrigue to me.  So much texture, pattern and visual interest I think.

bedroom with two twin beds with upholstered headboards. Between them is a wooden nightstand with two small lamps. Above the lamps is an old picture of an eagle surrounded by flags
A twin guest room features beds upholstered headboards in Hinson's Northampton stripe and with  classic Leontine linens and a peaceful light blue Donald Kaufman paint color on the walls. (above)

bedroom with walls covered in grey and white silk fabric, orange arm chair, fireplace with a large mirror hanging above it, ottoman at the foot of the bed with a wooden headboard
Vintage Lee Behrens Katamandu silk fabric covers the walls, windows and bed skirt in the very traditional master bedroom. (above)

Empire commonde with two lampes with a glass base and linen shades with a watercolor painting hanging between them
A modern Indian watercolor painting hangs over a traditional Empire commode. (above)

House Beautiful cover
November 2012 cover of House Beautiful. (above)

My favorite is the ikat on the walls in the powder room.  I like a dressed up tiny powder room.  Anything in any of these rooms catch your eye? If so, what? Do tell?

To see the rest of the home, please pick up the November 2012 issue of House Beautiful - it hits newsstands around October 15th.  Thanks to Sonia for sending me the article and photos!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Got some good news yesterday! I am now a proud member of the Soho House here in West Hollywood. If you don't know it, the Soho House is a very chic members only club with locations in London, New York and Los Angeles to name a few of the cities. All of my friends are members but I never made the effort to apply. Finally, last May I decided to put my name in for membership. Exactly four months later, I got the email that I had been accepted. Over the last four months, I waited on pins and needles for an answer. It felt like I was trying to get into a sorority or something. I waited...I emailed nice notes...I called friends who were members and asked questions...and I waited. Finally. Eureka. I was at work (at my regular job) when I got the acceptance email. I literally jumped out of my office, started dancing out at the assistants' desks, ran into my boss's office and gave him a hug and danced some more...all the while my coworkers were looking at me like I had gone crazy (I think I did though...temporarily).'ll be able to find me at the Soho House all of the time now!

P.P.S. Worked on fun project last night and this morning...a design challenge that I'm doing in conjunction with a big furniture retailer. I think you'll be able to see my project in a few months. Very excited to see the end result.

P.P.P.S. Does anyone else who lives in L.A. think this weather is weird?

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