Exterior of french limestone mansion on harbor island in newport beach California with a lawn, backyard, an ocean view and two round sculptures
A $43 million dollar waterfront home on Harbor Island, in Newport Beach. (above)

Don't know much about this property except the price tag. It is a real estate mystery of sorts.  A multi million dollar home listed by Sotheby's International Realty...on tiny Harbor Island in Newport Beach.

I was so curious about the home that I went as far as to call Sotheby's to find out more information. I was told in the friendliest way possible that information would only be shared with people who were "serious" about purchasing the property.  Well I am "serious" to an extent!  Hello?  "Serious" about knowing more.  Would need to come up with just a few million extra dollars in order to really consider buying it.  Hmmm...note to self...find extra millions (43 to be exact) so you can be a "serious" potential buyer and find out more about this home that is listed for sale...

Anyhooo...what I do know is that the house is that it is a new home (I think), the website says it is "re-designed French limestone clad", they also call it "turnkey Neoclassic", in a gated community, with 300 feet of water frontage.  I don't know anything else...but I do wonder how many bedrooms, baths, square footage, or any details really...if someone happens to know, please chime in!

So in today's SEE THIS HOUSE, I bring you a mystery home right in sunny Southern California!  I want to know what you think!

living room in an waterfront home on Harbor Island, in Newport Beach with an ocean view, french doors, dark wood floors, dueling modern white and brown sofas, white floor length curtains, a large square coffee table, and a small chandelier
Dueling modern white and brown sofas face off in a the formal living room with its stunning water views and wrap around arched French doors. (above)

Den in a mansion on Harbor Island, in Newport Beach with french doors, gray floor length curtains, a large purple rug, gray coffee table, gray sofa and a large marble fireplace
The den. (above)

home office with dark wood paneling, brown brass chandelier, wooden desk and two brown armchairs
Home office/library with paneled walls and fireplace. (above)

dining room with view of the sunset over the ocean, three crystal chandelier light fixtures, a long dark table with leather seats
A formal dining room features an amazing view of the water through French doors. (above)
modern kitchen with large square slate tiling, sleek dark wood cabinets, a stainless steel hood and blacksplash cover
A very modern kitchen with large square slate tile flooring, sleek European wood cabinets and a stunning stainless hood and backsplash over the cook top. (above)

foyer with marble floors and staircase, and a chandelier light
The foyer is all white with marble floors and stairs. (above)

master bedroom with an ocean view,  floor length light purple curtains, french doors, a round glass table, a white sofa and a white bed
More French doors offering water views in the master bedroom. (above)

master bathroom with marble floor, mirrored cabinets and drawers, crystal chandelier, french doors and skylight
Mirrored vanity cabinets, white Carrara marble floors and a chandelier all add to the sparkle in the master bathroom. (above) 

exterior of a french limestone mansion on harbor island in newport beach with a lawn, flag pole, outdoor table and deck chair

So, would you take it or leave it?  If someone gave you the $43 million to purchase this home (and not buy other stuff with the money)...would you?  Or would you turn up your nose and stay put in your own house?  I would take it.  Would be a bit of commute up to work in Los Angeles and also to COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills. I'd also be over an hour and a half from family and friends...but I would suffer through the traffic (whoa is me) and take this home if it were offered up!  Oh, I would need an extra million to work on the "someone" would have to give me $44 million to seal the deal!

Please weigh in.  Is this mystery house your cup of tea?

Happy Monday!


P.S.  COCOCOZY New Collection #2 - Okay...besides the bedding collection, I am launching a new collection in a whole other area of home furnishings in 2013.  I am not allowed to talk about that deal yet...but I can say that I saw our first samples over the weekend and am so so thrilled.  TW sent me an email with the photos and it was so exciting to see an idea that we've been working on all year come to fruition.  Also, equally exciting was seeing designs that I dreamed up becoming something other than fabric.  Can't wait to share with you.

P.P.S.  COCOCOZY HQ Chandelier (blurry photo warning) -   Here is a blurry close up of the chandelier that went up in COCOCOZY headquarters on Friday.  It looks so cute in context and a little strange just as a blurry close up taken with my phone. I love this chandelier though.  We ordered it about a month ago, got it last Tuesday and by Friday it was hung.  I am not showing the whole tiny tiny office yet (all 350 square feet of it).  But of course, I am debating...should I share photos here of the entire COCOCOZY headquarters office as a work in progress? Should I?  Or should I wait until the office is completely tricked out and fully decorated?  We are almost there.  The finishing touches will go on in the next couple of weeks.  I am hoping to have a small open house or two in our SMALL SMALL office in December.  I should wait for a big reveal.  Right?  Help. Hard for me to keep any secrets.

lightbud chandelier in COCOCOZY HQ
A blurry photo of the chandelier that just went up in COCOCOZY HQ offices last week. (above)

P.P.P.S.  Went to a fun party at the Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday night, in a beautiful bungalow off of the pool...I put a picture on COCOCOZY Twitter and COCOCOZY Instagram showing the scene at the pool on a rainy night.  It was fun to hang out with KG.

P.P.P.P.S. So excited for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing family. We're doing it at my mom's house. I am responsible for pies. Was supposed to practice making my homemade pie crust this weekend. I didn't. Uh oh.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Happy Monday!


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