two men moving a large tv mount and bookcase wrapped in plastic up a flight of flagstone stairs

Sorry I've been out of the loop the last few days.  It is 5:00pm on Wednesday and this is the first time I've really sat down in 3 days.  Late nights and early mornings starting at 5a.  A slight inconvenience that my one friend called a "disaster"...I see the silver lining though...

Twas a week before Christmas and all through my house...water was creeping...I would have rather seen a mouse!

So after a great weekend...saw TE on Saturday night and was on the set of a great television show for work on Sunday, Monday came.

On Monday, I had the day off from work and was planning my holiday shopping.  The best laid plans...

Was having some guys come in to look at some warping wood at my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  Seemed like water damage in the corner of my bedroom.  I scheduled them for Monday morning early.  I figured they'd show up, tell me what they were going to do and then I would leave for the day and all would be fine.  Well little did I know.

About 1/2 hour after they poked a little hole in the wall things started to crumble...literally and figuratively speaking.  The wall started to crumble, then the floors started to crumble and then we started to see all kinds of water damage and other stuff.

Long story short (although it is already long), we ended up ripping up the floors and walls in one room and a back we were on the hunt for the problem water source and we wanted to understand the scope of the damage.

We found lots and lots of problems...yikes...all forcing me to arrange a full house move this morning...just 48 hours after we first spotted everything.

In the last two days, I oversaw a demo crew who took out walls, floors and decks; met with contractors about the what was going on (rock star amazing Los Angeles contractor Gregory Greenwood came by to look at the damage and weigh in...fingers crossed I'll work with him); was interrogated by an insurance inspector for an hour as we toured the house and he recorded the whole thing on tape (I felt like I was a criminal as opposed to an insurance paying homeowner);  had a portable storage unit delivered and returned when they found they couldn't fit it at my house; hired movers, rented a public storage unit (my first); packed up almost everything in my house and moved.

Anyhooo...won't be in the house for a month.  Me and Mr. Boo are staying with my sweet sister DS...and...drum rolll...after all of the damage is fixed....I get new wood floors!!!!!!  The silver lining.

So these are pictures of my cute sweet movers who took 7 hours to move me out of my tiny cottage.  They huffed and puffed up and down the flagstone stairs that lead to my house.

two men moving a couch, wrapped in plastic, down a flight of flagstone stairs surrounded by ivy

Just a little holiday tale and a bit of advice...try to find the silver lining!

Happy Wednesday!



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