beautiful cement tiles in Greece

Love these tiles on the floor of this home is in Greece.  Cement tiles I think.  In black, red and gray.  They look Moroccan to me.  So lovely.  Who said tile makes a room cold?  I didn't.  I like this!

white entry way with tiles and a child's chair

white dining room with Moroccan tiles

minimalist dining room with fireplace and tile floor

exterior of a minimalist house with a white couch and red and gray tiles

I love the way the same tiles are used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Nice.  Very nice.

Happy Thursday (again)!


P.S.  Tomorrow, am doing an art giveaway on the blog from an up and coming designer/artist.  Please tune in tomorrow for your chance to enter.

P.P.S.  I was at Wholefoods last night and an older man walked up to me.  He was holding a jug of apple juice.  He said to me..."What is in this apple juice...is it just apples...I cannot tell".  I read the front and it said "Organic apple juice".  On the back, listing the ingredients it only said: "Ingredients: Apple Juice".  I said, "I guess this apple juice is made out of apple juice?"  The older man said, "This drives me crazy every time.  How can a jug of apple juice say the ingredients are "apple juice""...I shrugged my shoulders.  Baffling.  He was right.  It is like saying the ingredient in a frozen pizza is frozen pizza OR the ingredient in butter is butter.  While the man seemed a little loopy, he was spot on in his observation.  As I left the store, I could hear him asking someone else "What is in this apple juice...is it just apples...I cannot tell.".  LOL!


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