White sunroom with hard wood floor in Bedford, NY
The sun room in a multi million dollar home in Bedford, NY that is for sale. (aboev)

Have become obsessed with the town of Bedford in Westchester County New York.  "Why would a California girl living in a tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills become obsessed with a town and the real estate there that is thousands of miles away?", you might ask.

Well it is simply.  A few weeks ago, I went to New York to visit best of friend AM and to do something called editor desksides...where you go and sit and chat with magazine editors and talk about your product.  One of my desksides was with the very venerable Margaret Russell, Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest (seen here with fashion icon Ralph Lauren).  Margaret was so nice to take a half hour with me in her Conde Nast office to chat about the COCOCOZY home furnishings collection and blog.

Anyhooo...after seeing Margaret, I was getting on a plane back to Los Angeles, so I picked up the September issue of Architectural Digest and there was an article about Ralph Lauren and all of his homes...including Lauren's spectacular estate in Bedford, NY.  Lauren has a rather lavish estate...a little too grand for me...but made me think...what if I could get a farm in Bedford one day and grow it into an estate?  I mentioned this to TE...he seemed perplexed as to why Bedford and somewhat surprised when I told him he would be getting the farm with me!

So I did a little research on Bedford and found that in addition to Ralph LaurenMartha Stewart has a farm there, actress Blake Lively and actor Ryan Reynolds, actor Richard Gere, billionaire George Soros and the list goes on.  It is a small town with a population of just over 17,000.  Founded in the 1600s this small quaint village is only about an hour from New York City.  The real estate opportunities all seem to include lots of acreage...good for a horse farm potentially.  Maybe the next name on the list will be Coco of COCOCOZY.  Who knows!

Here are a few Bedford beauties to chose any of these?


Exterior of a mansion in Bedford, NY

Bedford Beauty #1 - Old Post Road - Listed for $14.5 million dollars. 12,000 square feet on 75 acres with 9 bedrooms.  Listing here. (above and below)

Classic living room in a Bedford, NY home with cream colored armchairs, dueling sofas and hard wood floor



Exterior of a mansion in Bedford, NY

Bedford Beauty #2 - Pine Brook Road -  Listed by Coldwell Banker at $4,850,000, this 9900 square foot home sits on a 4.4 acre lot in Bedford NY. (above and below)

Traditional living room in a Bedford, NY home with wood floors and high ceilings

Bright sunroom with wood floor, green armchair and blue sofa in a Bedford, NY home



Bright foyer in a Bedford, NY mansion

Bedford Beauty #3 - East Field Drive - Nearly $8 million dollars for this 12,000 square foot estate. 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, and indoor tennis court and pool! See full listing here. (above and below)

Exterior of a Bedford, NY mansion


Which of these three homes might you take if offered to you?  I think I would pick #2.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Had a fab Labor Day weekend.  Hope you did too.  Check list got worked on.  Got a new car (after TE and I walked out of the first dealership, found a car the next day at a nice dealer closer to me), had house re-painted, got guys working on deck too, had some minor repairs done around the house,  had new cushions done for all outdoor furniture (this was an ordeal of taking close to 20 seat cushions and pillows to JF, getting fabric and then picking up said completed cusinos), met TEs dad and stepmom (who are just fantastic) - had breakfast one day and dinner one night with them and TE's son,  drove out to Claremont and visited with my mother who is back from Paris (nice time catching up), went to a large family luncheon and saw relatives I haven't seen in years (so nice to see everyone including my aunts AJ, SS, LS, RM, and JS), made two visits to Home Depot...and the list goes on and on.  Productive.

P.P.S.  Running off to work!

P.P.P.S.  Happy September!


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