Entry with glossy black gates and front door
Multi million dollar entry with glossy black gates and front door. (above)

$46 million dollars for 8 bedrooms, 13 baths in 11,100 square feet right in the center of New York City! This city townhouse was built by banking heir Paul Mellon and wife Bunny Mellon in 1965. 125 E. 70th...a Neoclassic French style home comes complete with a wonderful outdoor space for gardens (Bunny was friends with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and at one point designed the White House Rose Garden)

The home is listed by Sotheby's.

I love the enfilade on the ground floor (grouping of rooms connected together)...the idea of this kind of flow was typical in royal homes in Europe.  Also love the geometric painted floors in the halls and living room - adds visual interest.  Finally, the outdoor space...the gardens...perfection!

I would take this house in a minute if someone offered it to me.  I would modern up the decor a little and then live happily ever after!

Front hall of a NYC townhouse with painted wood floors leading to an enfilade
Front hall with painted wood floors leads to an enfilade of rooms on the ground floor (above)

Yellow parlor room in a NYC townhouse
Sunny yellow living room/parlor in yellow. (above)

Traditional blue dining room in a NYC townhouse with painted floors, a crystal chandelier and antique round inlaid table
Traditional blue dining room with geometric painted floors, blue wallpaper, an antique round inlaid table and a classic crystal chandelier (above)

Bedroom in a NYC townhouse with Louis style bed and delicate floral patterns
Bedroom suite is decorated with a Louis style bed and delicate floral patterns (above)

Outdoor patio with enclosed courtyard with a white trellis wall
The outdoor area features a dramatic enclosed courtyard with white trellis walls (above)

Exterior of a NYC townhouse with grey shutters and a manicured garden
White exterior with gray shutters and a gorgeous manicured garden right in the center of New York City! (above)

What do you think of this $46 millions dollar home? Would you take it or leave it if you had millions to spare? As I said, I would take it!

Happy Monday!


P.S. Had a great time at TE's company holiday party. It was on the roof of the London Hotel. Gorgeous views and everyone was so nice including TE.

P.P.S. Best of friend AT was in town from London this weekend. Saw a lot of her. Was so much fun...she is just darling. Had breakfast with her and TE on Saturday that was just fun. Also had dinner with her several times. Also got to reconnect with VP...who is just amazing...we all met up at the COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills on Sunday and they gave me some good ideas for the business. Fun weekend overall.

P.P.P.S. And the week begins. Hope you had a restful weekend and have a great week!

P.P.P.P.S. GIFT IDEAS - Make sure to check out a few of my gift ideas under $60...and find out about a $1000 COCOCOZY Giveaway on today's gift idea post!


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