Conventional design wisdom says...if you want to make a room feel larger, paint the walls white.  What if you want to make a small room feel even more cozy?  Paint the walls navy.

I love small blue rooms!  I have a small den in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills that I've painted a shade of gray/blue with a glossy finish.  The room works in my opinion.  My friends SN and BN have a wonderfully blue painted small office library in their beautiful Los Angeles home...the walls are and shelving there are painted a wonderful shade of dark blue.

So this navy blue room with green velvet sofas, chevron patterned drapes and gold accents hither and thither works for me!

Notice the textured paneling below the chair that.  Only thing I might lose is the deer head!  What do you think of this cute blue room.

It is about to rain here in Los Angeles (that is our form of winter)...would be nice to cozy up in a room like this on a rainy day.

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Prue Ruscoe


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