So this little ol' home in Palm Beach has been sold.  So sorry to inform you it is off the market...you cannot buy it right now.  The 27,000+ square foot waterfront mansion was listed for $74 million dollars.  It features 9 bedrooms, 17 baths, 5 car garage parking, a pool, a dock, a state of the art kitchen designed by a chef and so much more.  Oh did I mention this estate was newly built.  Construction was completed back in 2011.

Here's the scoop...it looks like the developer had to file bankruptcy after building this home...and he had to put it on the market right away.  He listed it for $74 million back in 2011...with no takers for about 2 years.  Last summer, the home finally sold.

Take a tour...then decide...what might you offer on this Palm Beach home if you had multi millions?  Then let me know in the comments.  I'll tell you how much it is was sold for tomorrow.

Huge garden room offers wrap around views of Florida's Intercoastal waterway (above)

An ornate marble tiled hallway with a colonnade includes wall space for an art collection to be put on display. (above)

The state of the art kitchen was designed by a chef (above)

The home features a pool, water views and its own private dock (above)

Fine finishes and detailed carved wood (above)
The mansion features a 4,000 square foot master bedroom with his and hers baths (above)

Property has large private iron gate flanked by gigantic French lamps (above)
Okay...so this home was listed for $74 million...what do you think it actually sold for?  Oh, and would you ever want a house like this?  Do tell!

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Was on the phone the other day with best of friend AM who lives in New York.  Between the two of us, I am the talker most definitely.  She does speak but the other day she broke a record of the least amount of words in one conversation.  Here is a replay of our phone call:
Me: "Hi AM. How are you?"
AM: Silence
Me: "Hello?"
AM: Silence
Me: "Hello? Are you there?"
AM: "Hi"
Me: "How are you?"
AM: Silence
Me: "How are you?"
AM: "Fine"
Me: "Ok...clearly, I am asking the wrong questions.  It is allowing you only one word answers.  Okay, please describe your weekend with your kids and husband"
AM: "Bari class, park, dinner"

P.P.S.  Had a great dinner the other night at Mr. C's in Los Angeles.  Was with dear friends BN and SN, new friends M and CH and my guy TE.   Fun catching up with friends.

P.P.P.S.  Remember to tell me what you think of this house!

P.P.P.P.S.  Please click here to find out the actual selling price in my March 7, 2014 post at the bottom!

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Photos: Corcoran Group


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